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Welcome to Bothell: For a Day or a Lifetime

The Puget Sound is a wonderful place to live for many reasons and Reader’s Digest recently took note of one Eastside city that offers community charm and considerable kindness. Bothell, Washington is a suburb of Seattle, located at the Northernmost tip of the Eastside Corridor. It offers a small-town feel with a welcoming spirit, even after recent growth, and was the recent runner-up on Reader’s Digest “Nicest Places in America”.

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Seattle's Population Continues to Grow, Increasing the Demand for Housing

The real estate market across the nation continues to accelerate, with a continuous cycle of higher home prices and lower inventory. A recent Curbed article has taken a notice of these recent patterns and the increased pressure of purchasing a home around Puget Sound. While prospective buyers navigate rough waters, home sellers are finding that their homes are selling quick, often with multiple offers.

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