Amazon Updates Around the Country


Amazon continues to grow, and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest news on this Seattle-native corporation. Read on for the updates.

The company rethinks its second headquarters location

Amazon intends to build a second headquarters in New york, bringing thousands of new jobs to the area. But the community has actively rejected the new campus plans, causing Amazon to re-think its plans. They have not purchased any land for the new campus yet, so changing their plans would not be too detrimental.

The Bellevue Inception home is for sale

Inception location of the company that is now Amazon is for sale in Bellevue, and it’s asking for nearly $1.5 million (almost double what it was worth 10 years ago). The 3-bedroom home features an over-sized mailbox that was originally used to receive the book catalogs they were receiving for their online bookstore.

Amazon is Coming to Coachella

Amazon has package lockers sprinkled throughout Seattle, giving residents convenient access to returns and deliveries, removing the need for the Post Office. This year, Amazon will place a collection of lockers at Coachella, where concert-goers can order specialty products from a custom Coachella Amazon storefront. The storefront will feature camping supplies, beauty products, clothing, and much more.

Acquisition of a Wifi Company

The most recent Amazon news is the acquisition of a mesh-WiFi network called Euro. Mesh WiFi helps combat poor-quality coverage that traditional WiFi systems create. The only real competitors to the mesh-WiFi system are Netgear and Google. Now, with Amazon as the owner, Euro will be a much stronger competitor.

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