4 Luxury Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Are you in the market for a bathroom update? You need to ramp up your relaxation, but you’re not sure how? Try these surefire ways to heighten the luxury in your bathroom.


1. Ditch the shower door.

Go for a more open and spacious look in your bathroom, and lose the shower door completely. Replace the typical tile shower floor with moisture-absorbing teak floors to limit spillover into the rest of the bathroom. Add plants and one or two waterfall shower heads to up the luxury and make it feel like you’re showering in a rainforest.


2. Go grey

Up for a total bathroom makeover? For an elegant and refined look, choose an all-grey color palette. Pair marble surfaces with other stone tones and silver fixtures to cultivate a sense of peace in your new high-end bathroom.


3. Upgrade to a stand-alone tub

Luxury and relaxation go hand-in-hand, so it’s almost essential that you have a relaxing bathtub. It’s time to upgrade your shower/bath combination into two separate units. Whether you opt for claw-feet or not, make sure you give your new bathtub plenty of space.


4. Replace your walls with floor-to-ceiling windows

What good are your forest or ocean views if you can’t enjoy them from the comfort of your own bathtub? Redesign your bathroom with luxury in mind, and create the panoramic view you’ve always wanted.

Whether you need a complete remodel or just a minor redesign, remember, your bathroom should feel like a luxury vacation to your favorite spa.

Cindy Paur