Putting Your Tax Refund to Good Use

Tax season is upon us again and for many this means deciding on what to do with their return. Choosing to put that new-found cash towards a vacation, paying off debt, and home renovations are repeatedly the top contenders. If you’re going the renovations and house repair route, Martha Stewart has some words of advice for you.

According to a recent article on her blog, the kitchen is the best room to update in your house. Touting, “Upgrades to this important room will go the furthest when it comes to increasing the value and livability of your home.”  Her blog goes even further to push the kitchen upgrades by insisting the best splurge purchase with your large return, would be on new kitchen appliances. Upgrading your fridge or stove to a more energy efficient model could save you money now on your energy bill, and be used as a selling point down the line.

However, say your return isn’t quite as substantial (or potentially non-existent); doing a quick-fix or update with light fixtures or paint is something that won’t break the bank but can go a long way to change the vibe of a living room or bedroom. A recent article in the Seattle Times gives tips into how a bathroom makeover can be done with a very modest budget.

Is the idea of all these changes making your head spin? There are a ton of new websites to help you combat buyers-remorse with virtual reality. The Seattle Times highlights the options and tools that will help you pull the trigger on all these home improvements. Visualize that new lamp or paint color through the lens of your phone or tablet and from the comfort of your couch! Read more about those options here:

Happy re-decorating!