Spring Maintenance for Your Home

The idea of “Spring Cleaning” is one that many people have come to know. Preparing your home for the dawn of a new season is a great way to make sure that you are providing proper maintenance. Homes are often the largest purchase that people make in their lifetime, and taking care of your home is a rewarding process. These must-do’s will help guide you from Winter to Spring.

With mild weather on the forefront, it is a great time of year to accomplish outdoor tasks. The first of which is cleaning gutters. Be sure to clean out the foliage left from prior seasons and check to make sure that there aren’t any blockages in the downspouts (not to worry, these are easily fixed with the help of a garden hose). Pro-tip: If you find granules in your gutters it may be a sign that your roof is in need of some love. Whether you find evidence that your roof is ready to be replaced or not, it is a good idea to inspect its condition. Missing shingles, rusted flashing or cracked caulking are all signs that some repairs may be needed and can be easily spotted with the help of binoculars.

A simple method of washing the exterior of your home is pressure washing. In doing so, you will also be privy to chips that may need a paint touch-up. While you have your paintbrush out, you may also consider a quick coat on your front door. This is a simple way to make your home feel alive and if you select a color in semi-gloss you can wipe away fingerprints making up-keep effortless.

These ideas are a simple way to start with Spring chores outside your home, but there are many other tips that experts recommend. Other tasks include pruning trees and ensuring your foundation vents are in good working order. To see more tasks (and tips from the pros), visit DIY Network’s article here. If you are interested in more tips to improve the aesthetic of your home, read this article from MSN.