Chinese Millionaires are Chasing the American Dream

The American Dream is alive and well! The United States is the most desirable country for those who want to move abroad with their families. While Los Angeles is ranked the number one city for the wealthy Chinese to move, Seattle takes second place.

So, why move to the United States? Research shows that millionaires living in China seek to move due to education, and overall living environment. These reasons coupled with the extreme pollution in China have motivated nearly half of all Chinese millionaires to pursue moving overseas.

In search of a better life for generations to come, Chinese families also feel as though moving to the United States will help protect their fortunes. There is concern regarding the value of the yuan, the currency in China. In moving to a United States city, wealthy Chinese are given the opportunity of citizenship when investing in a property valued at $500,000 or more. Investing in real estate secures financial futures, while allowing generations to come to be American citizens, and receive the best that education has to offer.

When it comes time for their children to attend college, there is another opportunity to invest in real estate. Instead of spending money renting an apartment or house for the attendee, parents can save money by purchasing. When compiling total costs of education and housing, buying a house is often a cost effective move. Not only does it allow for more affordable housing for your child, it also enables you to rent additional rooms in the home for profit. This makes buying a house a true investment opportunity, all while giving your child exposure to the business world.

For more information, please read the articles provided by CNBC and Forbes.